Monday, October 15, 2007


Pushkar, 11 km from Ajmer, is an important pilgrim centre. There are several Temple here the most famous being the Lord Brahma Temple, one of the few Temples in the world dedicated to this deity. One the hilltop overlooking the pushkar lake is the Savitri Temple. There are also numerous ghats lying along the lake. The Jagadish Temple in Udaipur, enshrines a black stone image of Lord Vishnu as Jagannath, Lord of the Universe. About 21 km from Udaipur is the twon of Eklingji, The architecture of this ancient Shiva Temple resembles that of the Jain Temples of Gujarat. Shiva is worshipped here as Parabrahma, represented by a four faced black marble image, the four faces representing Lord Brahma facing West, Vishnu facing North, Maheshwar facing South and Rury (Sun)facing East. The town of Eklingji is full Temples, there are about 70 Temple in all. Further 27 km from Eklingiji. lies Nathdwara, one of the wealthiest temples of India enshrining the image of Lord Krishna, as Govradhana Giridhari.

Jagat Ambika Mata, 58 Km from Udaipur, is a 1000-year –old Temple, pentagonal in shape, with 17 turrets and a pagoda-like roof. About 98 km from Udaipur in the vicinity of the exceptionally beautiful Jain Temple. Complex at Ranakpur, is the Sun Temple-a magnificent structure in white soapstone. Built in the classic Nagara style, the temple exhibits a profusion of intricate sculptural work.

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